The Leesiders albums:

Requests for the Leesiders

Requests for The Leesiders

EP, Mono, 1968
Ash Records, AEP 104

01. Farewell to Tarwathie

02. The Belle of Belfast City

03. My Grandfather’s Clock

04. Frankie and Johnny

05. Bound for the Mountains and the Sea

06. Flower Power

The Leesiders

The Leesiders

LP, Stereo, 1970
Ash Records, ALP 105S

01. Here’s to Cheshire

02. Cold Unfriendly Way

03. Mick’s Rag

04. Nasty Spider

05. Tourist’s Complaint

06. Squid Jigging Ground

07. The D-Day Dodgers

08. Come to the Bower

09. Fast Freight

10. Doc’s Medley

11. Fred’s Madrigal

12. Bottle of Wine

13. The Old Triangle

14. Boil Them Cabbage Down

Travelling On

Travelling On

LP, Stereo, 1971
Ash Records, ALP 106S

01. Travelling On

02. Highland Div Farewell To Scicily

03. Die Lorelei

04. Off to Sea Once More

05. Waltzing Matilda

06. Tailor’s Breeches

07. Ontario Bound

08. The Gray Funnel Line

09. Clare’s Breakdown

10. Seth Davy

11. Asi-K-Atali

12. I’se the Boy

The Best of Buckle and Douglas

The Best of Buckle and Douglas

LP, Stereo, 1970
EMI One Up, OU 2038

01. Gotta Travel On

02. Cold Unfriendly Way

03. Clare’s Breakdown

04. Nasty Spider

05. Die Lorelei

06. Come to the Bower

07. The D-Day Dodgers

08. Boil Them Cabbage Down

09. Grey Funnel Line

10. Fast Freight

11. Bank of Sicily

12. Mick’s Rag

13. Waltzing Matilda

14. Asi-K-Atali

Compilations featuring The Leesiders:


Folk Scene

Folk Scene

LP, Stereo, 1966
Folk Scene, FSP 001

11. The Way of the World

Let's All Go Folky!

Let’s All Go Folky

LP, Stereo, 1969
Autogram Records, ALLP 149

01. Flower Power

02. I Want to Have a Little Bomb Like You

Mersey Beat 3

This is Mersey Beat 3

CD, Stereo
Mayfield Records, MA CD201A

12. Mick’s Rag

A Box of Pegg's

A Box of Pegg’s

4 CD Set, Stereo, 2007
Autogram Records, MG4CD046

09. I’ll Tell Me Ma

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